10 Party Cities @ Night

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10 American City Skylines At Twilight:

Jacksonville-Fl (10) - Copy

Jacksonville “Jax”, Florida

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Cities have always conjured images of prosperity and promises of hope to those who dwell within their confines. As unique as cities are, whether big or small most cities of the world have one thing in common-a river. Also, like most cities, there is a street that parallels that river. Here in our hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. this thoroughfare is aptly called River Street. We call it Dream Street.

It was in the 19th century that Chicago became the birthplace of the skyscraper. Throughout the 20th century America would become home to thousands more. As theĀ 20th century faded and the 21st century took over America ceded its skyscraper supremacy to Asia but remains the epitome of skyscraper culture.

What it is about the city that makes nightlife and the spirit of the evening so magical? Let’s face it…. Good times can happen anywhere and to be sure, they do. But when it comes to that which we think of in terms of the stereotypical “Michelob” night, we think it’s safe to assume that visions of city lights, crowded urban bars and slick nightclubs are just a few of the things that come to mind. With that in perspective allow us to introduce you to ten of the most dazzling skylines America has to offer.

Roanoke-Virginia-Skyline (3) - Copy

Roanoke, Virginia

Atlanta-Ga (4) - Copy

Sunrise over Atlanta, Georgia

Charlotte-NC (17) - Copy

Charlotte, North Carolina

Cincinnati-Ohio (129) - Copy

Cincinnati “Cincy”, Ohio

Columbus-Ohio (35) - Copy

Columbus, Ohio

Nashville-At-Night (1) - Copy

Nashville, Tennessee

New-Orleans (66) - Copy

New Orleans, Louisiana

NYC (19) - Copy

New York City

Pittsburgh-Party-City (6) - Copy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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