Archive | June, 2004

[Gallery] Shakerz & The Island Club: Mayfield & Dickson City, Pa.

If you were active in the northeast Pa. party scene in 2004 you would’ve witnessed nightclubs folding up like houses of cards. With all the club closings taking place a new night time establishment would’ve seemed the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. Well, a new club did emerge and what began as a tremor in […]

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[Gallery] Club Amnesia: Kingston, Pennsylvania

At its height, Club Amnesia of Kingston was the most innovative club in northeastern Pa.. It took chances no other area club dared to take. It broke area attendance records. It re-invented itself over and over again. And it played host to names like Prince, DJ Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Skribble et. al.. In […]

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