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Thank God It’s Friday!… Let The Good Times Roll!

The weekend…. Two days of expectation…. All over the world people have rituals…. In our Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 society, many of our national rituals symbolize America’s conquest of technology, agriculture and industry. From the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between. Every city, town and village in America has […]

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Welcome To The Party

The challenge of recording people in their everyday lives has been a passion for photographers since the first 35mm cameras nearly a century ago. This candid approach to photography, also known as street photography, was widely heralded as a more true and accurate record of everyday life. As photographers became mindful observers the events, objects […]

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The Essence Of Party Culture

Forward by Aaron Cupil It was July 2004. That’s when the party started on a hot summer night in Pittsburgh as a routine scouting mission turned into Steel City gone wild as a bachelorette party of nine thrillseeking party girls, barhopping across the Strip District, gave me my first hands on glimpse into the world […]

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