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A Few Whiskey Facts

It’s no secret that human beings are in love with their liquor. And when it comes to liquor, next to vodka, whiskey is the most popular spirit in the world.

The top whiskey producers of the world are:
1. Scotland
2. U.S.
3. Canada
4. Japan
5. Ireland

Whiskey is the 2nd most popular distilled spirit after Vodka and the U.S. consumes more it than anywhere else. Jack Daniels, which sells almost 24 million gallons per year is the world’s best selling whiskey.

The Brandy Library in New York City has one of the most extensive collections of whiskeys in the world.

Jim Beam is the best selling bourbon in the world.

The Buena Vista Café in San Francisco is the largest consumer of Irish Whiskey in the U.S.. it serves about 2,000 Irish Coffees every day. A mixture of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream.

Scotland has approximately 90 whiskey distilleries. More than any place on earth. Whiskey is Scotland’s largest export grossing over 6 billion dollars per year.

Scotland produces over 750 million liters of whiskey per year. That’s more than 3 bottles of scotch for every man, woman and child in the U.S..

Canada’s whiskey distillers produce almost 48 million gallons of whiskey per year.

During prohibition 1 million gallons of Canadian Whiskey per year, 80% of that nation’s output, made its way into the U.S..


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