After The Party: Girls Night Out

Long after the last bars & nightclubs close their doors another kind of party begins. Long after the neon lights cease to illuminate the night another constellation of stars begin to twinkle. Long after the last party seekers find their final destinations another crowd gathering opens up. Some are made up of everyday people, some are celebrity show and tells. Some take place in living rooms and basements. Others in penthouses and plush hotels. But no matter where the place or what the profile all have the same purpose in mind. To cool down from a hot, wild night with a lazy, sultry morning.

After The Party



Tags: , , is a documentary on bars, pubs, clubs, parties, events, festivals, nightlife and entertainment around the world. Think of it as a megacity with many neighborhoods, shops, thoroughfares, bridges, streets and alleys. Each time you click a link you'll be connected to and experience the flavor of a different culture from somewhere on the planet. This best part of it all is that the closer you look, the more you'll come to discover. was founded and based in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. but is interactively connected to the world.

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