Time Capsule: Bahama Joe’s Was A Busy Little Bar Off The Beaten Path Of Richmond, Virginia

On a very typical everyday weeknight in Richmond, Va. I came across this interesting bar on Staples Mill Road. Now, if you’re not familiar with the Richmond city landscape you should know that the area I’m talking about is a far cry (and a pretty far distance) from the legendary party district Shockhoe Bottoms. But just one look at the outer appearance and I could tell that it was a place worth checking out. The place I’m talking about was Bahama Joe’s although at the time of my introduction to it, it had been a few different nightclubs over the past 4 years.

It was 2 stories with 2 dance cages on the second floor, and also had 2 bars (one upstairs and one downstairs). It featured a 600 sq. ft. dance floor, five bars, many sports TVs, and a fun, tropical atmosphere. Overall it was a decent club, although in some ways I felt it paled in comparison to Tiki Bob’s or Have a Nice Day Cafe. But what I liked the most was that it had specific themes for specific nights. The night I happened to be there they were doing a bikini contest of sorts.

It started out as Little Texas, a nightclub focused on a southern theme with your typical pop and hip hop. After 2 more buyouts the club was renamed Bahama Joe’s. Despite the name change it was pretty much the same club on the inside but with the owners came along new management.


Folks that were familiar with Bahama Joe’s say that the new owners had cleaned the place up a lot. And the club was now (then) one of the hottest spots in Richmond on a weekend. On Friday and Saturday nights local radio stations like Q-94 would broadcast live and give away free gifts. The club boasted a pretty decent array of lighting and they even had a smoke machine. They played the typical stuff you’d expect to hear in a twenty-something club. I’m talking about the new age pop and hip hop, but they were also known to take it back a notch or two and play some classic tracks for the nights when the older crowds came out to enjoy themselves. They even served wines and frozen drinks!

The dress code was typical of a dance club attire. The club liked the people to look presentable and I’m told that tank tops and/or skimpy clothing was discouraged. All’s said on that note, that wasn’t the impression I got while I was there but people were there to have a good time.

Gone but not forgotten, Bahama Joe’s was definitely one of Richmond’s most energetic dance clubs. They appealed to all adult age groups and delivered one of the best party formats in Richmond.

Bahama Joe’s: Richmond, Va.

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