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Ever wonder how models, dancers, actors, porn stars, strippers and any other people crazy enough to get naked for a living look so perfect in the buff?

I’m letting everyone in on all those tricks you don’t know about. I know us girls all always look perfect, but it’s always good to know these things just in case! 😉

So here it is. All the succulent secrets that models, dancers, and strippers use to look and feel sexy 24/7 in the nude.

Today’s lesson… Runway Model Perfect Legs….

Try this when you need to bare your legs and have stretch marks, bruises, veins, freckles or any type of blemish you want to blend away.

Available in four shades to match any skin color SALON Airbrush Legs, leg makeup by Sally Hansen is like spraying on pantyhose (or stockings or whatever they call them lately). Just a quick couple of seconds and bam! Unstoppable legs all the way up!

You’ll say “Fuck the boots,” these legs were made for walkin’! And the stuff really holds up while you party and dance the night away. Plus it makes your skin soft and won’t come off on your man’s hands when he can’t keep them off you. My kind of product. 😉 I use it to cover bumps and bruises on my legs before a photo shoot or going out in a skirt.

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Runway Model Perfect Legs:

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