For The Girls: Black Tights And Party Culture


Black Tights And Stockings Part 1: In Popular Culture

Mysterious and sexy, black tights (pantyhose) and stockings have always been a part of the fashion scene. Us ladies love em’ for their versatility and fashionable practicality. And while we know that they can be part of almost any look or ensemble, when mentioned in popular culture, they’re almost always looked on (or down on) for their potent sex appeal. Don’t believe me? Google “black stockings” and see if a lot of adult websites don’t pop up in your search.

Yes, that man-made aphrodisiac, tights (black ones especially) sexually appeal to many males and enhance many mysterious feelings about us women who wear them. And they also go great with almost every kind of shoe as well (and we all know how important that is!). The best thing about slinky black tights and stockings is that they come in different materials which makes them perfect for any time of the year. Even in the scorching summer heat.

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Black Tights And Stockings Part 2: Different Materials

Stockings and tights are made from several types of materials so depending on the time of year and the mood you’re trying to create will help to determine what materials you choose.

  • Nylon. The most common material used (hence the term “nylons”) are often sheer but can be opaque too. Most are made with spandex to give them more stretchiness and can be used for professional attire as well as a sexy night on the town. Plus some styles have patterns for a unique, more interesting look.
  • Cotton. Best for cooler weather these kinds of tights are made from cotton and are opaque and quite comfy. You see them a lot worn like leggings; beneath large shirts, shorts or skirts.
  • Fishnet. Black fishnet stockings are meant to be sexy. They can have big holes or small ones and they can be patterned to create a funky, interesting design but they are definitely meant to ooze sex appeal.
  • Silk. These are perfect for warm weather but are a little harder to find nowadays (though not impossible).


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Black Tights And Stockings Part 3: As A Fashion Statement

Because of their simple versatility, most of us can (and will) wear them with anything and everything—and that’s exactly how they should be worn. The style or cut you choose can change the whole look and feel of your outfit so choose wisely. Many leggings, like thigh hi’s and fishnets are meant to be sexy and some and are made for comfort. Others shape your body and make you look slimmer or more toned.

Remember that black leg wear is one of the most versatile and powerful articles of clothing you’ll ever own. They can make you look more formal or spice up something more casual. Just remember to wear something that exposes those lovely legs of yours and you’ll be ready to show of your luscious leg wears all over town.

We know that short skirts are the hands down winner when it comes to the most common things to wear with leg wear of any kind. Black or otherwise.  If you’ve seen Japanese or Catholic schoolgirls then you’ll know exactly how gorgeous black tights look with short skirts (and also why males think such devilishly sinful thoughts over them!). The best part is that you don’t have to be a schoolgirl to pull off this playful look. Take any short skirt you own whether it be a leather mini, denim, checked pleated or even something as dainty as a floral patterned print—toss on those tantalizing black tights, and voila! You’ve got your sassy little self a sassy new outfit.

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One thing to remember, though.. Sheer stockings are going to make your legs look thinner where thicker, patterned stockings might give your gams a bulky look… Not good for a vixen like you. And don’t forget about those shoes. A pair of hot shoes is an incredible (and necessary) way to showcase your sizzling black tights. Whether you wear boots, sandals or platforms—black tights will be a definite hit. But think carefully though. High heels and boots are great choices with stockings but open-toes are usually a no-no.

Think of your stockings as smoother, thinner substitutes for socks and a fab new way to add pizzazz and sex appeal to an old or outdated outfit. Of course, if all else fails, think of them as a way to show off your luscious legs without baring too much skin (if showing too much skin’s a concern for you).

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Black Tights And Stockings Part 4: Hot Ideas For Wearing Them

Try either black or tan sheer pantyhose that are good quality and have some Lycra in them. Don’t buy the cheap drug store kind and go with a closed toe heel. You’ll look and feel sex-sational! Black patterned hose with white shorts will look very stunning but be careful though and look before you leap. Choose the rest of your outfit well because done wrong it may look a bit streetwalker-ish. Done right and you’ll look like a movie star!

Black stockings or pantyhose with professional attire can look a little bit sexier during the workday without making you too sexy for the office (so save those backseams for Friday night). Thicker black tights can be worn like leggings. Underneath shorts, skirts and shirts. Black tights can be worn underneath lighter colored hosiery or colored fishnet stockings to create an interesting textured look. This is the look that you see those artsy indie, raver girls sporting. Pale, pasty legs don’t work with all-black ensembles so don’t do it. Instead do something about it, like making it more dramatic with a pair of cool black tights.

Black tights are worn with lots of different costumes. Especially on Halloween where the extra warmth added to an often skimpier outfit is a welcome benefit. When raw sex appeal is the order of the day (or night) fishnet stockings are the prime choice here as are back seams.. Under short skirts and dresses of course! And in case you didn’t know, back seams are the sheer stockings with a seam line running up the back of the leg. Think sexy, naughty French maids.

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