Serenading The Night With Sound

partyclique wordpress header 7 Songs written about the night number in the ten of thousands. But despite the many odes to the twilight the mystique of nocturnal essence never seems to fade. We all have at least one such song or two that whisks us into a netherworld of euphoria and bliss. Below are just a few such compositions giving us a recipe for painting the town red. Or maybe you already know. Either way, songwriters have been telling us for years…. givemesongcaption nightsongcaption redsongcaption fastlanesongcaption

Tags: , , is a documentary on bars, pubs, clubs, parties, events, festivals, nightlife and entertainment around the world. Think of it as a megacity with many neighborhoods, shops, thoroughfares, bridges, streets and alleys. Each time you click a link you'll be connected to and experience the flavor of a different culture from somewhere on the planet. This best part of it all is that the closer you look, the more you'll come to discover. was founded and based in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. but is interactively connected to the world.

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