[Music] CLUBLAND: Friday Night Featuring DJ SKARAB: (Beginnings)


This journey began on a hot labor day weekend in 1986. All summer long I’d been trying to find myself and my overall direction in life. Now that graduation was upon me, the time had come for me to do some serious thinking about the road ahead though somehow I always managed to put off the chore as long as possible!

I was sixteen years old at the time and a scrappy little kiddie still wet behind the ears. There was no time for pondering the imminent. As a teeny bopper I only cared about what could presently be conveyed. To me, the future was a lifetime away-a vision of a thousand tomorrows.

Like many others I grew up in a single parent household. Since Mom spent our kiddie years providing the essentials of life I had to look beyond the front door when it came to a mentor to pattern myself after. For much of that period those substitutes came to me in the form of truckers. I used to spend much of my days waving to them on the overpass of Interstate 81 which ran through town. But like ships passing in the night, trucks would appear from off in the distance, hurtle past and disappear leaving only the split second wave from the cab to recollect on. The highway was my second home then. A temporary home and the drivers were my heroes. Very temporary heroes.

All of that changed on Labor day weekend. I can’t remember where I was going-or why, but it was then that he came. It was my cousin Vincent. On leave-home for the holiday from the Air Force. His entrance was a public display of his extensive car audio network…. Hear him first, see him after-that was his exclusive audio calling card-alerting all to his approach.

And like a phoenix descending from the sky-a musical chariot being handed down from the heavens he appeared. In his brand new custom painted metallic blue Chevy Camaro. T-tops open, stereo thumpin’, aluminum wheels shimmering in the bright midday sun. Slowly making his way down Hill Street every eye was upon him. He stopped to shake my hand and ask how I was doing. I muttered something through the amazement which had seized control of my reflexes. Before I could take everything in I was next to him riding shotgun down Wilkes-Barre Boulevard. The wind through my hair, the sky above and the S.O.S. Band pounding Even When You Sleep through my eardrums.


Wash the ride, polish the wheels, armor all the tires and onward we go through center city. The thunder of 100+ watts of audio pounding through the woofers echoed through the corridors of Main Street and off the facades of the concrete, glass and steel buildings rising high above. Around the Public Square all eyes were on us. Past the college and into the north end. Stop. Visit a friend, not home so westward bound we go (bolt rather!). Into the back mountain area. He hands me a beer. A beer! Wow!… I’m one of the big boys now! Over the river and through the woods past the police station-put the brew down quick! Stop. Visit another friend and let’s hang out for a while.

Labor Day weekend 1986 was a real life page from My Cousin Vinnie and there I was in the midst of it all!

The music, the magic, those monumental moments. It was a day that I wish could have lasted forever. It didn’t of course, but the memory of it forever will.

The last recollection of that incredible day was watching him slowly drift into the setting sun like the dapper Gary Cooper after rescuing the damsel Grace Kelly. As Nat King Cole sang That Sunday, That Summer, that had to be the most perfect day that I can remember.

Though unknown to me at that time, and though it would be almost 30 years before I would realize the vision of that day, the inspiration behind what would one day become CLUBLAND: Friday Night had begun….

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CLUBLAND: Friday Night (Beginnings)

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Since 1986 DJ SKARAB has been heavily involved in the music scene. And early adopter and lover of the musical genres that created the foundation for the music we have today, SKARAB has spent nearly 30 years watching, researching and collecting music. A first hand witness to the many significant changes that took place since the 1970s, it was always his dream to represent the independent artist. After many attempts starting in the 90s, it wasn't until the 21st century and the coming of age of the world wide web that allowed him to fulfill his lifelong dream. Today, DJ SKARAB heads AARIAH, an agency devoted to representing the independent artist and entertainer.

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