Fast Food Nation


In today’s high speed digital world slowing down seems to be the furthest thing from anybody’s mind.


Everybody and everything moves at the speed of light and to the rhythm of blips and bleeps.


Every technology is eventually replaced by a new and better one. The 50’s gave us the drive-ins on fabled routes such as The Mother Road 66. The 80s gave us a high speed boost with microwave ovens, cell phones and frozen pizza. And the new millenium…. Well, emails, instant messaging and texting is the postal service of this generation.


Would you say technology is the god of this era?… You bet your french fried sculpted ass it is.


However, one thing that hasn’t changed (at least not in terms of fat and carbs) is the allure and the craving of the good ole’ fashioned, gut-stuffing entrees of the drive-ins and convenience stores so common today.


All over the world neon signs like beacons beckon society to the gastric slaughter and artery clogging delight of thickburgers and chicken fingers. In fact, my Mom had the perfect restaurant idea “Butts and Guts…. If you don’t care, eat here!”


Fast food joints make it so easy…. You drive up, give your order and in minutes you’re in cholesterol saturated bliss.


But for all its evil sins nobody ever really said fast food was good for you…. It certainly isn’t healthy (unless you’re into eating twigs and vines).


Let’s face it, life today is fast paced and when we eat out it’s because we’re to busy, too tired or just plain too lazy to cook.


Fast food makes it easy to eat and still run. Snack and still text. Gorge and still get where you’re going….


Oh yeah, and it tastes good too.



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