Footsteps In The Sands Of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Someone once told me that you can be in North Carolina and still not feel like you’re in the south…. In that same conversation they also pointed out that once you cross the state line into the Palmetto State of South Carolina, you KNOW you’re in the south!

Ok, so depending on ones own point of view that statement is simply a matter of opinion. What’s not opinionated is that the Palmetto State is home to over 70 miles of some of the most gorgeous and tranquil beaches on the east coast, and in America for that matter!

But you can’t use the words “beach” and “South Carolina” in the same sentence without harking to the most recognized place in S.C.. What else could we be talking about other than the seaside party hot spot known as Myrtle Beach.

Besides the chaotic frenzy of Bike Week aside, I want to talk about Myrtle Beach as it is the rest of the year. Calm, laid back and peaceful. When comparing it to Florida and more specifically Daytona Beach (I’m doing so because they too have a Bike Week), it should be pointed out that Florida’s beaches, though beautiful in their own right, can have a tendency to be crowded all year round. Rightfully so, since the Sunshine State’s long been known for its tourism.

And while Myrtle Beach is a tourist haven in its own right, it’s somehow its able to retain an aura of peace and tranquility that eludes the Sunshine State and other popular southern destinations. Few photos point that out better than the following photographs below which illustrates what Myrtle Beach is all about on a typical “any day” of the year. The ocean’s the same, the beaches are the same, but the ambiance is unlike anything you’d expect from such a popular tourist destination.

No massive crowds. No saturated sands. Just the town and the gentility of the ocean.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (16)

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (15)

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (14)

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (11)

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (10)

Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina (25)

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