[Gallery] Bart & Urby’s Celebrates 7 Years In Downtown Wilkes-Barre

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Just a typical night @ Bart & Urby’s bar in downtown Wilkes-Barre. Entertainment includes a digital jukebox, widescreens televisions, live bands, a deck and a mini club on the other side aptly called “The Other Side.”

Bart & Urby’s Celebrates 7 Years In Downtown Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Right from the outset Bart & Urby’s Bar & Restaurant was a popular spot in what was, at one time, an unpopular spot. Prior to its opening in 2005, downtown Wilkes-Barre was a ghost town with no street lights…. Only street dealers and street walkers.

Then began the change. A change that took place on November 1st of that year when the sounds of revelry and the smell of gourmet delicacies filled the night air. Having our offices right next door at the time, we can attest to the goings on and the good times as November 1 started an upward trend in the renaissance of a great city.

Today downtown is alive with activity and Bart & Urby’s continues to be at the forefront of that activity despite other popular restaurants and venues sprouting up on its side of the tracks. Good food, good drinks, friendly staff and quality entertainment are some of what makes for an enjoyable night out and the reasons why Bart & Urby’s can celebrate its 7th anniversary as a center city hot spot.

The party included free food and cake and since it happens the day after Halloween, prizes for best costumes. And what about those costumes, being the day after, as you can imagine, there were lots of creative and sexy ensembles to look at.

Bart & Urby’s is located at 119 S. Main Street in downtown Wilkes-Barre and is open 7 days until 2 a.m.. Check them out online at www.BartandUrby.com.

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