The Essence Of Party Culture

Twilight in Steel City as Pittsburgh’s “Golden Triangle” district shimmers under the overcast of a gloomy yet breathtaking sky. It’s July 2004 and in a few hours over in the “Strip District” the events that will lead to the creation of will take place.

Forward by Aaron Cupil It was July 2004. That’s when the party started on a hot summer night in Pittsburgh as a routine scouting mission turned into Steel City gone wild as a bachelorette party of nine thrillseeking party girls, barhopping across the Strip District, gave me my first hands on glimpse into the world of nightlife in the fast lane. Whether it was flashing for traffic, showing off thongs or making out with each other is uncertain, but it was then that I learned…. Nightlife and partying is a culture. Like a tattoo, the mark that night left on me was indelible. And so it was there that the journey began. A journey that would take me into the cracks and crevices and corners of America in an effort to document this thing I called party culture. Along the way there were good times and there were hard times.




Through it all we fought, we loved, we laughed, we struggled and somewhere along the way we found time to have fun.

There were tens of thousands of miles traveled, tens of thousands of dollars spent, tens of thousands of dollars lost, and tens of thousands of man hours toiled.

There were the bars (so many bars). Nightclubs, strip clubs, college bars, venues, dorms, house parties, stages and basements.

There were the cities. America’s great cities. Metropolitan meccas. Bricks and mortar. Urban renewal, small towns, back alleys, back rooms and backstreets.

There were the people. So many wonderful, crazy people. DJs, Club owners, musicians, promoters, thrillseekers, assholes, models, (emotional) headaches.

There were the parties. Oh the parties…. Wild nights. Lazy mornings. Hangovers.

There was the culture (Don’t you just love the flavour!?)…. Party districts, neon signs, city lights, cheap booze, exotic drinks….

There was the sound…. The sound of the underground…. Good music, high horsepower, bed springs squeaking, moans, groans, screams and shouts….

There were the women. Lots and lotsa women…. Bad jokes, even worse pickup lines, hotel rooms, one-night stands, forgotten names, broken hearts. Even more headaches….

Through it all we’ve made friends and we’ve made enemies. We’ve been praised to the skies and we’ve been left out in the cold. We’ve been labeled as saints and we’ve been labeled as sinners. We’ve been called all around good people and all around bad people.

We are…. And this is the essence of party culture. Aaron Cupil Forward taken from the forthcoming book: Partying Like Rock Stars: On The Scene with





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Author:The Man About Town

Aaron Cupil (a.k.a. The Man About Town) is an avid traveler and good time thrill seeker. A former trucker and the founder of, his cross country hauls were the inspiration for this website. When he's not writing or running his company, you can find him circling the globe in search of new adventures to report on.

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