For The Girls: How To Win A Strip Club Amateur Night

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Caption – Doing a strip club Amateur Night can be a fulfilling experience. One you’ll never forget. It brings out your naughty and seductive side and boosts your self confidence and ego.


Theres that moment where you come off the stage for the first time and youre sitting alone backstage in your thong, sweating, basically coming out of a trance, thinking, What did I just do? Its like waking up out of a blackout covered in blood. Youre like, What just happened? Can I go to jail for this?


How To Win A Strip Club Amateur Night Contest:

Competing in a strip club amateur night contest isn’t for everyone. It requires sex appeal and guts. But it can also be one of the most daring and exciting experiences you’ll ever have-if you do it right.

The first thing you’ll have to decide is whether or not you really want to do this. You’ll be naked in front of a room full of people, strangers along with people who may know you and may even be online.

1. Determine who’ll go with you. We often perform these competitions with our friends and both male and female friends are often excited and will want to watch.

2. Pick a stage name. Anything but your real name. Like, DUH!!.. Seriously, use common sense here. It’s fun to think up and it’s also for safety purposes.

3. Decide what body part(s) are your greatest assets and focus on them — trust your friends to help you decide — if you’ve got a great butt or a nice set of boobs then they need to be “worked” so the crowd appreciates your look.

4. Don’t look bored — Always keep a bright natural smile and enjoy yourself.

5. Be sure to have a valid ID on you. Get there early in order to get comfortable and sign up. There may be a form and/or a legal release to sign.

6. Work the crowd and interact with everybody you can. Get people in your corner. Flirt, tease, beguile. Winners are determined by the crowd’s response so crowd participation is a must. It’s important for you to have as many people rooting for you as possible. That means involving the audience and if possible, bring your own entourage and have them shouting for you as much as possible. You can’t make too much noise!

7. It’s skin to win, baby. Less is more, at least where winning’s concerned so with that in mind, get ready to doff those duds and work it, but remember…. Just getting on stage and taking your clothes off doesn’t make you a winner and it doesn’t make you sexy. You need to pump up the audience and get everybody hyped up and cheering for you. Like we said before…. Work the crowd.

8. Work with, not against, the other contestants. In our experience, the most memorable contestants of any event we’ve sponsored have been the ones who’ve shown good sportsmanship. As with any contest, there will only be one 1st place contestant and even if it’s not you it’s not the end of the world.

9. I’ve saved the best for last…. The most important rule of all…. Never enter an Amateur Night contest dressed like a stripper. Whatever you do, don’t make this costly mistake. The guys are there to see “amateurs.” That means the girl next door, down the street or the one at the supermarket. Not day-to-day strippers. Wearing your everyday (yet sexy) street clothes will carry a lot more leverage over the crowd than if you look like a pro.

And there you have it…. That’s it! You’re now ready to strut your stuff on stage at your next local Amateur Night contest. Have fun, be your sexiest and take it all off!




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How To Win A Strip Club Amateur Night

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