Is It Possible For Women To Have A “Barbie” Body?

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In 1959 a blonde, three-dimensional teenage fashion model rose up from the drawing boards a Mattel toys that was completely unlike the baby and toddler dolls ppular at the time.

With her 5′ 8″ height and trim 37″-17″-28″ stats, she was every man’s dream and what every girl wanted to be. She was smart. She was sweet. She was sassy. Shw was sexy and of course, she was successful. A National Organization for Women (NOW) spokesperson-before there was a N.O.W. that helped foster the prrase: Girl power.

Her name was Barbie and she was a true “living doll.” Born Barbie Millicent Roberts, she was first introduced to the world in 1959 at the International Toy Show in New York City. Since then, her and her entourage have gone on to become a worldwide prefab phenomenom with toal sales of dolls and accessories of well over 2 billion with a doll being sold somewhere in the world every 2 seconds!

In the more than forty years since her introduction she has been reinvented dozens of times and has been dressed by some of the top fashion designers in the world. People like Bob Mackie, Todd Oldham, Gianna Versace, Bill Blass, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier and Gucci.

From the Red Flare Barbie of 1966, to the Plush Pony Barbie of 1969, to the Sweet Sixteen Barbie of 1974, the Bob Mackie Masquerade Ball Barbie of 1993 and the Madame Du Barbie of 1997, Barbie is hotter than ever! And from the look of things, she’s not headed for any midlife crisis.

It’s no wonder then why so many girls growing up dream of having a “Barbie” body…. But is a Barbie body really possible? The infograhpic below sheds some light on this question. (SOURCE)

Is A “Barbie” Body Possible?



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