Party Like The 80s (Episode 2) Featuring DJ SKARAB. Just Got Paid…. It Was Friday Night

Just got paid it was Friday night

Check the mirror, I’m lookin’ fly. Round up the posse, jump in my ride. The radio’s rockin’ a monster jam. Feel the rhythm, pump up the sound. Just got paid, it’s Friday night, party huntin’ for the place that’s right. Booty’s shakin’ all around, poured on drink, now I’m gettin’ down. Just Got Paid written by J. Kemp and G. Griffin performed by Johnny Kemp

Johnny Kemp Just Got Paid LP

There’s been a lot of songs about the weekend. The O’ Jays were Livin’ for it and Johnny Kemp, Debbie Deb and Madonna all serenaded the last two days of the week. And then there was Schoolly D and Zhane’ who talked about the goings on of a typical Saturday Night. And what about Koffee Brown and their little Weekend thing. And who could forget the S.O.S Bands Weekend Girl message abut the perils of being a workaholic. And of course there was Kenny Lattimore and rapper Kid Sensation who also gave props to The Weekend and we can’t leave out Todd Terry‘s Weekend House project.

But people don’t write songs about the weekdays. And for different reasons the weekend seems to bring out the colorful creativity and penmanship of authors, poets and illustrators in ways that no other days of the week can.

In 1988 Johnny Kemp released Just Got Paid as the seeds of Hip Hop were again beginning to sprout new genres of party music. And although a New Jack Swing hit (thanks to its Teddy Riley production), Just got paid became a popular weekend anthem as well as an important staple in dance music. In fact, had it been recorded four years earlier while Prince and his proteges were burning Minneapolis into the minds of a global population, Just got paid could very well had replaced Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy as the opening track to Purple Rain being that it featured the same cast of events depicted in the opening scenes. In the words of Jon Caramanica in the May 2000 issue of STEREOTYPE, the exclusive music monthly of NEPA’s own homgrown music chain “The Gallery Of Sound“, Caramanica referred to Just got paid as “A B-list relic of the New Jack Swing era.” In his words, “Friday mattered because Johnny Kemp was broke.”


And with all due respect to his right to his own personal opinion, I think I can do Kemp’s weekend classic a little fairer. Just got paid mattered because Friday night mattered. And the fact that Kemp had just got paid made the night complete with the mood, the melody, the melodrama and the mantra.

Working Monday through Friday takes up most of my time. If I can get to the weekend everything will work out just fine. That’s when I can get crazy, that when I can have fun. Time to be with my baby, time to come undone. Where’s the party? Where’s The Party [Produced by Madonna, Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray] performed by Madonna

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