Partyclique L.A.: Party Culture In the City of Angels (Part 1)


An Introduction To L.A.

partyclique wordpress header 9What has been my fondest memory under Pacific daylight? Was it the day spent at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Or was it the day spent tempting my taste buds at Knott’s Berry Farm and its cluttered menu of tantalizing berry treats? Could it have been the annual Sawdust Festival and the endless piles of–you guessed it, sawdust carpeting the corridors of the art & crafts marketplace!? Or was it the L.A. Zoo, Universal Studios or the live taping of The Johnny Carson Show with Jay Leno where John Stamos wowwed the audience (especially the ladies) with his razzle-dazzle blend of charisma and charm!?

While indeed this wonderful spectacle of events did make my stay in the City Of Angels a month to remember, my most memorable recollection was neither historical or geographical. No. It wasn’t strolling through Beverly Hills in search of jetset personalities or tiptoeing down Hollywood Boulevard‘s Walk-Of-Fame playing a star-studded game of connect-the-dots or even the historical mystique of L.A.’s oldest concourse, Olvera Street. No, my fondest remembrance of all the Golden State has to offer was the the fact that I managed to sleep through a minor earthquake!

And what about the glamour? The nightlife? The parties?… Oh yes, we can’t forget about any of that!

But another thing that must not be forgotten is that L.A. isn’t a single community but instead a tapestry of over 100 cities and towns netted together and forming a blanket covering a land mass equal in size to Rhode Island. It’s the largest city west of the mighty Mississip’ and the largest city in the nation geographically sandwiched between the mighty Pacific on one side and the towering Tehachapi mountains on the other.

From high L.A. takes on the appearance of a mirage under the light of day and a nocturnal web of glittering needlepoint when the moon comes out to play. At sunrise the massive daystar reaches diligently for its celestial throne high in the heavens above as the southwest landscape forces daylight temperatures into the hundreds (and baby that’s hot!), the perfect atmosphere for fun in the sun.

But despite nature’s geographic bastion of elements which traps the cities vehicular exhause under an atmospheric umbrella, brief light does breach southern California’s pall of seemingly constant din. Brilliance such as world famous Venice Beach, Long Beach, Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach and the millions who flock to their sands yearly. Home of bodacious bods, radical waves and mondo music. That’s what L.A. is all about!

Welcome to Part 1 of Partyclique L.A.. A little corner of our world devoted solely to pursuing and reporting events in the City Of Angels. Life’s fast paced and the action never stops in one of glitziest places on earth. Home of Hollywood, movie stars and beautiful beaches, one’s treated to an overwhelming choice of places to have fun. So join us as we uncover the hippest spots to play in this one-of-kind party megatropolis!

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