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Ron Jon Surf Shop: Cocoa Beach, Florida

Besides being the most important traveling corridor in Florida, Interstate 95 in the Sunshine State is also home to more tourist attractions than other stretch of highway on the east coast (except maybe Route 1 in the neighboring Florida Keys). So if you happen to find yourself traveling this particular highway, the one exit you […]

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Footsteps In The Sands Of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Someone once told me that you can be in North Carolina and still not feel like you’re in the south…. In that same conversation they also pointed out that once you cross the state line into the Palmetto State of South Carolina, you KNOW you’re in the south! Ok, so depending on ones own point […]

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Watching Sunsets Over Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach “Surf City” U.S.A. No place in America (and possibly the world) is known for its beaches like L.A. is. Mind you, we’re talking about a city that in many ways was molded from beach culture. From the legendary Surfest of Manhattan Beach to the street performing culture of Venice to the industrial flatlands […]

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