Thank God It’s Friday!… Let The Good Times Roll!

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The weekend…. Two days of expectation…. All over the world people have rituals…. In our Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 society, many of our national rituals symbolize America’s conquest of technology, agriculture and industry.

From the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between. Every city, town and village in America has its own unique rituals from which it enables itself to garnish posture and set itself apart from any place else. But the most common ritual performed in America is the rat race.

From the barren nakedness of Alaska to the tropical paradise of Hawaii and Puerto Rico. From the cock-a-doodle-doo of a rooster in Missouri to the delicate chime of a grandfather clock in Maine or the buzzing and whirring of an alarm in Brooklyn, the early morning light of dawn dutifully acts as our nations starting whistle as the American workday begins.

All over the country, millions of men and women wipe the sleep from their eyes, swing their legs out of bed and bury their feet into a pair of cozy bedroom slippers. From there we stagger to the bathroom and switch on the light.

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As we focus our eyes and gaze at the figure staring back at us from the other side of the looking glass we scratch our heads, fumble through the medicine cabinet and reach for the toothbrush or razor. Then we step into the shower and wash our hair, scrub our backs and rinse the sands of slumber from our bodies before another ritual begins.

A recital of primping, prepping, pampering and putting on faces. Ransacking racks of clothes, looking for just the right outfit. Knotting neckties. Polishing shoes. Sliding on pantyhose and down the stairs to a warm smile and a hot cup of coffee.

While the sun’s rays peak through the curtains we open the newspaper or switch on the morning news, hurry down our eggs and bacon, toast or English muffin and discuss the days events.

We kiss the family goodbye, start our vehicles and get ready for a civic scale version of the Indianapolis 500 as thousands of other people, doing what we’re doing, scuffle about their own daily rituals.

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Rituals like dodging traffic, outpacing stoplights, smiling until your cheek bones hurt, filling orders, taking orders, filing files, answering phones, typing, cooking, grilling, drilling, sanding, building, painting, teaching, standing, running, sucking up to the boss and serving the public…. Doing what’s necessary to get by.

But the weekend is also a ritual. An end as well as a beginning. A daily duo filled with the explosive energy of a dozen Fourth of Julys stuffed into 48 hours.

The weekend. A majestic vision of people, grand parties and exotic places. The very mention of teh last 2 days of the week sends the pulse rate soaring and the blood pressure rising with the expectations of fun, frolics and enchantment.

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As the twilight of Friday nears the aurora of the coming 2 days, the mind begins to wander to all the pleasures to come. As we bop to the radio on our homeward commute, all over America people begin to let their hair down, raise their hands up, loosen up the belt and get live.

High school and college students throw down their backpacks. Schools and government offices close their shades. And all over the nation a countrywide sigh of relief is exhilated as we all praise another popular American anthem;

Thank God it’s Friday!

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