The World’s Best Bar Cracks


Sometimes the everyday world can be more entertaining than the one we pay to watch. Welcome to the surreal life, strange love world of entertainment. What you’re about to read are gripes, bitches, pick-up lines (whether or not they actually worked) and phrases made by real people at real bars, nightclubs, parties and gatherings. You can’t make this stuff up! These are real statements made by real people in bars, nightclubs and parties. Some of them are funny, some get you thinkin’ and some make you say “What the hell have you been drinkin’!

Halloween-Shakerz Bar, Dickson City, Pa:

Said by a female bargoer dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween night.
“My boyfriend said he wants to eat me. That’s the third person tonight that said they wanna’ eat me. Everybody wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood, doesn’t anybody fuck anymore?”

Senuna’s Bar, Wilkes-Barre, Pa:

Said by a male bargoer sipping on a Rum & Coke.
“Bars are bad places, man…. I’m tellin’ ya’, I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna’ be standing in a bar when Jesus comes back to earth.”

Banana Joe’s, Wilkes-Barre, Pa:

Said by a female bargoer when asked for a photograph.
“If you’re gonna take a picture of my ass you better do it now because I’m drunk.”

Shakerz Bar, Dickson City, Pa:

Said by one of two female bargoers in the parking lot when asked for a photograph.
“Look at me-I’m all prickly.” (referring to her vaginal hairs)
Said by the other.
“I hope you don’t mind the nipple rings.” (referring to her breasts)

Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, Pa:

Said by a partygoer with beer in hand.
“Are you a cop?”
“Why, are you under 21?”
the partygoer (in a drunken state).
“Yeah, I already got busted once. That’s why I’m being careful.”

More bar cracks added as we get them….

The World’s Best Bar Cracks

Bar Crack 1

Bar Crack 2

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