Time Capsule: BAR Nashville

BAR Nightclub in Nashville with its two levels, bartop dancers and the best Top 40, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop beats pounding through the brickwork was one of the most popular spots in Nashville. It kicked ass for 7 straight years until 2007 when closed it for good.

The BAR Nightclubs operated by the BAR Entertainment Group were one of the most successful nightclub chains in America. Appropriate to their names, BAR nightclub’s headlining features were a smokin’ hot staff and girls dancing on the bars.


At it’s peak, BAR nightclubs could be found in cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Baltimore, Norfolk, Tampa, Charlotte, NC and this one in Nashville, Tennessee.

This video, shot circa 2006/2007 toward the end of it’s lifespan shows why the punch line at the time was “BAR Nashville: Still Kickin’ Ass!

Located on Second Avenue, BAR Nashville heated up the Nashville night scene as one of the trendiest clubs in the city. Alas, the good times came to an end in 2007 as the BAR nightclubs began to dwindle.

Today, BAR Nashville is gone and FUEL Nightclub has taken its place. The only known BAR nightclub that may still be operating is in Charlotte, NC.

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BAR Nashville


Fuel Nightclub Nashville Tennessee

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