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Now this is a party! No it’s not Bourbon Street it’s Chaos Nightclub on South Padre Island, Texas. Every year Chaos and other clubs on the island cater to thousands of thrill hungry Spring Breakers. Texas Week, as shown here, is especially crazy with some of the biggest colleges and universities in Texas all flocking to the island for one week of the craziest partying you’ll ever experience.

The challenge of recording people in their everyday lives has been a passion for photographers since the first 35mm cameras nearly a century ago. This candid approach to photography, also known as street photography, was widely heralded as a more true and accurate record of everyday life. As photographers became mindful observers the events, objects and scenes they recorded remained untouched and unaltered. The photographers intentions (and sometimes even their presence) remained a secret.

My own challenge began when I froze the rear posterior of a local bartender. Although I knew next to nothing about photography at the time, in that microsecond the shutter clicked a lifelong passion was born.

Since then I’ve taken thousands of party shots and from a purely visual standpoint you could say I was successful in making many nice images. Despite that I found myself lacking. Something was missing. I wasn’t getting the whole picture.

I realized that I wanted more than just images-I wanted information. Information about the people, the places and the events that made these images possible. Bits and pieces of information trickled my way via magazines, videos and other such media but much of that information was too vague in terms of who, what, where, why and when. Only through research and thousands of traveled miles did I find satisfaction in documenting and recording this thing I called party culture.

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To be sure, the biggest problem I faced when starting out was where to start. Well known events like Mardi Gras and Spring Break were good targets but they required large budgets. Even more, I wasn’t satisfied with a handful of events in a few select places. After all, parties were everywhere. From the east coast to the west. Up north and deep south. In big cities and small towns. In bars and nightclubs, campus dorms and country clubs. Partying is a year round activity-in every corner of the globe be it Springfield U.S.A. or Spring Break U.S.A.. The fact was-and still is, that anywhere there are people, there are parties taking place.

With that in mind I decided to start in my own backyard. As I set off into the wide, wide world of the unknown social arena I found myself confronting the same problem-finding the action. Word-of-mouth seemed an unreliably fruitless way of gaining information and partycrashing was often met with cynical reluctance. As I combed the streets I found myself asking the same daunting question, “Where’s the party?”

I decided to build Partyclique.com while that question (and frustration) was still fresh in my mind. Throughout the site I share with you people, places and events. As well, images and information from Partyclique’s worldwide network are included. The images and information are intended to pique your curiosity as well as give you a point of reference in your own search for the ultimate hurrah. Throughout the Partyclique universe I’ve tried to compress as much visual and verbal information as well as party spirit as possible.

But first a warning:

The overall impact will be different for everybody. Some will think of it as a treasure chest of high-octaned, super-charged moments. Some will think of it as an amalgamation of illicit activity and the basis for the ever-impending new world order. For the die-hard party goer it might give insight into the social arena much deeper than what was available until now. To the brand new up-and-comer it might serve as a road map for your next party foray. Perhaps, best of all, people the world over might just remember what they were doing in their own lives during these moments.

How does the saying go? “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” Few adages could be more true. For me, an image taken from the world of Partyclique isn’t just worth a thousand words, to me it’s worth a thousand memories and a thousand emotions too.

All of my life I’ve excelled in the arts. Drawing, sketching and painting. Design, music, literature and now, photography. For these reasons I naturally have a great love and appreciation for good art, but no man-made image will ever rival the raw, real life experiences captured in Partyclique.com and its family of affiliates.

Like anyone else, I have my own feelings about Partyclique but what about you?

Whatever you ultimately get from it, Partyclique.com is a social forum and a photographic storybook based on the world of nightlife and entertainment. Like all of my life’s endeavors Partyclique is a labor of vision, love, and passion, but unlike photography where my only client was myself, Partyclique’s client is the world.

Partyclique.com is a 24-hour, 7-day worldwide social network. There’s never a cover charge and no memberships are required. What’s more, unlike many of the parties I’ve crashed, in the house of Partyclique.com there’s always room for one more.

Welcome to the party. –Aaron Cupil


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Author:The Man About Town

Aaron Cupil (a.k.a. The Man About Town) is an avid traveler and good time thrill seeker. A former trucker and the founder of Partyclique.com, his cross country hauls were the inspiration for this website. When he's not writing or running his company, you can find him circling the globe in search of new adventures to report on.

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