A Personal Introduction

And welcome to ‘A Clique For Men’!

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Picture the world….
Too big? Let’s try your country….
Still too much? How about your region….
Getting easier. Now imagine your city…. Your neighborhood…. Your street… And that little corner of the planet that you call home. Is it all coming into perspective?
Now imagine a party…. What comes to mind?… The jetset glam galas reserved for those at the extreme top of the social and financial pinnacle. Diamond studded cell phones, Gucci handbags, uncomfortable shoes, hard to maintain hairdos, expensive dresses, slick suits, fancy cars, gigantic buffets, small servings, poolside seating, watered down drinks, boring music and phony smiles. Accurate?… Maybe.
Of course, this funny example might be true if you’re fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be attending a premier celebrity gathering or at least wathching one on E! But for the other 98%, the world of party culture goes far beyond the glitzy, high-profile gatherings of the socially elite….
Hollywood and TV don’t always remind us that there’s a bigger picture. There’s the college parties taking place on the campuses of small towns not known by the masses. There’s the house parties in the dark and dank basements of homes in every city and town in America. There’s the tailgate parties, the hotel parties, the private parties, the midday parties, the late night parties and the after parties. There’s the everyday nights out at your favorite dive bars and taverns. There’s the pubs and nightclubs with their fiber optic lighting and neon. Bartenders filling hundreds of bottomless mugs. Waitresses balancing trays like circus ballerinas. Crowds screaming, airborne smoke, people tearing up the dancefloor, hands reaching for the ceiling. And lots of good music.
The world of party culture is as broad as the events that make it up and gives you that bigger picture by taking you deep into the core of party culture and face-to-face with the people who make up it’s fabric. Whether it’s a special event that draws thousands of people from across the globe or a few friends at home chillin’ with a beer; If it’s on the planet, you’re sure to find a party. And no matter what corner of the planet you call home, we’re all glad you’re here and we hope you’ll stick around for a while….