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The World’s Best Bar Cracks

Sometimes the everyday world can be more entertaining than the one we pay to watch. Welcome to the surreal life, strange love world of entertainment. What you’re about to read are gripes, bitches, pick-up lines (whether or not they actually worked) and phrases made by real people at real bars, nightclubs, parties and gatherings. You can’t […]

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They come in all shapes and sizes and cater to every type of social crowd. Some are upscale. Some are swanky. And some are just plain wild. But no matter where they’re at or what their profile, bars have become as much a symbol of global nightlife and party culture as the neon sign and the […]

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Goin’ Crazy In Bourbon Street’s Wildest Bars

It’s been said that what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans. Not! Bourbon Street in the Crescent City is one of the most raucous and wild places in America and the debauchery takes place every night. The stories about Bourbon could rival the state’s population so there’s never a shortage of experiences to […]

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[Video] Girls Are Assholes: At A Bar

Girls are assholes at bars. This wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so true!

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[Video] The Flip Side Of Bars, Caller IDs and Relationships

The Flip Side: Bars, Caller IDs & Relationships

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15 Fun Reasons To Hit The Bar Tonight

“I wouldn’t wanna’ be standing in a bar when Jesus comes back to earth.” – Said by a bargoer in Senuna’s Bar, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Somewhere along the way bars & nightclubs got a bad reputation that’s been hard to shake. Girls say they would never date a guy they met in a bar. But the girls […]

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