15 Fun Reasons To Hit The Bar Tonight

“I wouldn’t wanna’ be standing in a bar when Jesus comes back to earth.” – Said by a bargoer in Senuna’s Bar, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Somewhere along the way bars & nightclubs got a bad reputation that’s been hard to shake. Girls say they would never date a guy they met in a bar. But the girls still go there. Guys say the only girls who go to bars are desperate or easy. But the guys still go there. Dating services saturate the public’s perception with tales from people who claim that they were “tired of the bar scene.”

It seems that everyone has an opinion about bars…. Few good…. But despite the many sins these establishments have been blamed for it seems that they’re more often the victims of bitter derision more often than the perpetrators. They’re the victims of the presuppositions that people make regarding their profile and purpose.

Whether or not  we’ll admit it. Bars and nightclubs are a place we expect something to happen…. Where usually nothing happens…. But we all keep going there, so maybe they’re not so bad.

Partyclique’s Top 15 Reasons To Hit The Bar Tonight

1. Cheap Beer



2. The staff is HOTTTT!!!!


3. Girls dancing on the bar



4. Intentional bad lighting to make YOU look better (because everyone looks better in the dark)



5. Two words: Jager Bombs!


6. The Beertub girls are single!



7. Did we happen to mention that the bartenders are single too?



8. If you don’t booze, the bar usually has milk



9. What happens at the bar will hopefully stay at the bar.



10. Centuries later, bars, pubs & taverns are still here



11. There’s no party like a bar party!



12. Don’t forget – HOT BAR GIRLS!



13. College nights…. Need we say more?



14. Bar karaoke today is just as much fun as it was when it was called bar sing-a-longs



15. No theme, no attitude (well maybe a little), just a night at the bar


15 Fun Reasons To Hit The Bar Tonight

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