Farewell M.U.S.E. In Nashville, Tennessee (Mixed Urban Sound Experiment)

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Bars, nightclubs and venues change names, ownership and come and go like the seasons. One week they’re here, the next week they’re gone. The Muse in Nashville was a modest little indie music spot off the beaten path of the downtown party district. It started life in 2001 as Kung Fu Coffee before it became M.U.S.E. which stands for the “Mixed Urban Sound Experiment.”

The Muse was a true indie music venue which played host to some pretty big names and the buildings exterior was graffiti’d up by some of the best aerosol artists in Nashville.

It’s history ended in 2011 wrapping up a decade’s worth of the some of the greatest musical moments the Music City has ever known.

As per their website, this is the last entry they made….

May 26, 2011
“Well, It was a good run. After almost 11 years, The Muse’s location at 835 4th Ave South is closing. We still have a few shows left so if you want to see one last show or maybe a few, then come to one this month. Thanks for all the support from everyone including bands, promoters, patrons, friends, employees, and family. At some point we may open again but it will be at a different location, hopefully bigger and better than before. We hope to see you before we are gone. Thanks.”

This article’s dedicated to the M.U.S.E. in Nashville, a small piece of history we won’t soon forget.

The M.U.S.E. Nashville, Tennessee

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