Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Steeltown Parties Hard!

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Steeler Nation

Traveling around the world we’ve found that there are many cities out there deserving of the title of “Party City.” Heck, “If it’s on the planet, you’re sure to find a party” as we like to say but there are some places on this big, blue marble that rival (or should we say outrival?) any place else. We’re talking about those places where good times are a religion and the love of the nightlife is cardinal law!… These are the places we call the “Mega Party City.”

Welcome to Pittsburgh…. Or as we like to call it, Steeltown.

When it comes to die-hard love and fan team spirit few, if any, city can rival the over-the-top rowdiness of the Steelers Nation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In this town football is serious business and all one needs to do is walk down any street during the season to find out very quickly what we mean….

Evidence of the black & yellow fever is everywhere…. And we mean EVERYWHERE. On the homes, the cars, the buses, the storefronts, waving from wires, lamp posts and buildings…. Everywhere! In this city, the gold rush affects almost everyone and as pointed out to us by an individual when asked if whether or not he was a Steelers fan…. “You better be in this town.” Make a note of it.

And what about the bars? Don’t forget about those bars. Pittsburgh has two primary party districts. The Strip District located on Smallman Street and E. Carson Street on the south side. When the weekend comes the places are packed and the mayhem is increased ten fold when football’s in season.

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