I’m DJ SKARAB and I’ve been into music since I was a kid. Because of my love affair with sound I’ve spent my entire life searching for the best the world of music has to offer.  That search began when I was 16 and has continued with me here into the 21st century.

Along the way I’ve been blessed to hear countless thousands of songs from practically every genre and from practically every corner of the world. And I’m proud to say that I grew up during the greatest eras of music, the 70s, 80s and 90s.

My dream’s always been to someday share the music that I found with the world and today thanks to and the World Wide Web, I can fulfill that dream.

I want you to know that you’ve begun a journey. A journey deep into the history of sound…. From the popular Top 10 tracks on the radio to the most obscure underground remixes and releases, I’m on a mission to expose you to the best and the rest of music. Read that sentence again.

The world of music is infinite and I’m hear to help you navigate it in a way that’s fun, easy and informative. Here on Partyclique we’ll be listening to the best party tracks ever recorded however I invite you to come over to my site and expose yourself to many other genres of music. Until then, I thank you for stopping by today and I hope that you’ll become a regular listener….

To start this journey off here’s 5 popular party tracks from the 1980s that take me back to when it all began…. So sit back and enjoy as we experience the world of music together….

CLUBLAND: Friday Night>> Beginnings